Wine & Company on Meeting Street in Charleston

Dated: 05/06/2020

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If you Google "Wine bars in Charleston," a smattering of ten or fifteen seemingly nice places appear. I've been to a couple or three and yes, nice people serve you nice wine in nice places.  It's really hard to go wrong if drinking decent to very good wine in a nice setting is your evening's objective. However, if you want to learn about wine, talk to the proprietor and sommelier, sample distilled grapes from regions and countries possibly outside of your comfort zone and do so in a cool, vibrant setting, I recommend visiting Wine & Company at 441 Meeting Street in Charleston.   In addition, if you want to purchase bottles of wine from a gentleman who is to grapes what Rain Man was to Black Jack, I suggest purchasing your bottles and cases from Wine & Company as well.  

I need to step back about seven years ago when a young man named Joshua Walker was a wine server (aka bartender) at another fine establishment in Summerville named Accent on Wine.  Although he was in his early twenties, I was impressed with Josh's knowledge of wine and his abilty to develop quick rapport with his customers, frequently making suggestions on wine, charcuterie boards of cheeses and meats and even talking intelligently beyond his years on current events and life in general.  Imagine my mixed feelings when one evening Josh informed me that he was in the running for a big pharmaceutical sales job. Sure he loved wine and learning about it, but he was a young mover and shaker and he wanted to enter the corporate world. Well, to make a long story short, that job never materialized but what did materiliaze was Josh's commitment to continue to learn his craft and go through the rigorous course work to become a Master Sommelier, which included him traveling one summer to Europe's great wine regions in France, Italy and Spain to meet with a plethora of top wine makers. 

After Josh returned from Europe, he had me sample an Italian wine one evening and asked me what I tasted--other than the grapes of course.  I hestitated. There was a distinct taste but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Josh asked, "Do you taste tobacco?"  Wow, as soon as he said "tobacco," I tasted the subtle tobacco element of the wine.  It was as if he read my mind. I was impressed. 

You know where this story is going. About three years ago, Josh decided to open up his own wine bar and shop on upper Meeting St., called Wine & Company, and share with his clientele his knowledge and love of wine and the delicious foods to pair fine wines with.  If you go into Wine & Company and tell Josh the types of grapes, styles and varietals you enjoy and let him choose the wine, you will not be disappointed.  If they are slammed with customers, you will never go wrong just ordering off the wine and charcuterie menus. 

And finally, when we find your next or forever home in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, James Island or West Ashley, let's go enjoy a celebratory glass (or bottle) on me at Wine & Company. I am definitely letting Josh choose my wine.  How about you? 

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Wine & Company on Meeting Street in Charleston

If you Google "Wine bars in Charleston," a smattering of ten or fifteen seemingly nice places appear. I've been to a couple or three and yes, nice people serve you nice wine in nice places.  It

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